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Successful businesses use Market Research to better understand their customers and their region. 

Specializing in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, at Indochina Research we know our area and our market in depth. We deliver high quality Market Research of international standards, with knowledge about what consumers and businesses are doing locally.  


IRL News

May 07, 2014

Fresh data about Cambodian consumption of media, coming soon!

Indochina Research will release it's annual media report, the Media Index, in August 2014. The report covers traditional media channels as well as a comprehensive section on new media (mobile phone and internet).

Please follow the below link for more information about the study. 

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Generation Y

June 14, 2014

Exploring how young people in Cambodia are dealing with change

The G:LAB project observes and documents the behavior of young people for the purpose of predicting future trends and facilitating informed intervention.

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June 05, 2014

While putting money in the bank is practically unheard of, money-transfer by mobile is quickly becoming mainstream behavior.

Indochina Research looks at how mobile banking is developing in the region. By following the link below you can learn more about how technology is changing peoples lives. 

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