Market Research

Successful businesses use Market Research to better understand their customers and their region. 

Specializing in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, at Indochina Research we know our area and our market in depth. We deliver high quality Market Research of international standards, with knowledge about what consumers and businesses are doing locally.  


Cambodia's Media Index

January 27, 2015

Cambodia's Media Index study is the premier research on the changing media habits in the country.

" consumption habits are changing, for example, internet penetration has increased by 50% from last year whilst TV viewing has decreased..."

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VN's Gender Roles

January 20, 2015

Traditional attitudes on Gender Endure in Vietnam.

Vietnam has a young and dynamic population, with 54% of Vietnam’s people under 30 and 25% under 15. While globalization and the communications revolution are connecting young Vietnamese to the outside world, a recent online survey has discovered traditional gender roles remain deeply embedded in Vietnamese society.

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Laos Media Index

January 16, 2015

Indochina Research Laos has successfully launched the first media consumption study in the country.

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Year End Survey

January 13, 2015

Now that 2014 is over, take a look at our Vietnam End of the Year Survey.

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Mobile Money

January 6, 2015

Making mobile money work for the poor has proven to be one of the great ideas of the early Twenty-First Century.

Embracing mobile money has been a game changing model for the world’s unbanked. It serves as a tool for encouraging financial inclusion, and helps address the challenges of persistent poverty and underdevelopment.


Generation Y

June 14, 2014

Exploring how young people in Cambodia are dealing with change

The G:LAB project observes and documents the behavior of young people for the purpose of predicting future trends and facilitating informed intervention.C

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