Market Research

Successful businesses use Market Research to better understand their customers and their region. 

Specializing in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, at Indochina Research we know our area and our market in depth. We deliver high quality Market Research of international standards, with knowledge about what consumers and businesses are doing locally.  

Regional news

Engaging Adolescent in Cambodia

UNICEF Cambodia commissioned Indochina Research Ltd to conduct a survey in 10 provinces in Cambodia to better understand trends of adolescent’s engagement with media and sources of information, and their influencing factors.

Regional Insight

Taking an overview of the regional economic situation through understanding macroeconomics tends to clarify in which environment both consumers and our business partners are evolving.

I-TRAK is Indochina Research' quarterly update on topics relevant to the region.

In this edition (November -2015) of I-TRAK we look at the Vietnamese people's perception of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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Regional Insight

I-TRAK is Indochina Research' quarterly update on topics relevant to the region. 

In this edition of I-TRAK we look at Laos people and their perception of ASEAN. 

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Year End Survey

Now that 2014 is over, take a look at our Vietnam End of the Year Survey.

A significant majority believes that 2015 will be better than 2014. 8/10 people are happy and 9/10 are willing to fight for their country.

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Gender Roles

January 20, 2015

Traditional attitudes on Gender Endure in Vietnam.

Vietnam has a young and dynamic population, with 54% of Vietnam’s people under 30 and 25% under 15. While globalization and the communications revolution are connecting young Vietnamese to the outside world, a recent online survey has discovered traditional gender roles remain deeply embedded in Vietnamese society.

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Higher Learning

The need for more skilled labor is only increasing in Cambodia's rising market.

Cambodia has a young population who are becoming increasingly connected and informed. Whilst there is some competition in Phnom Penh from the numerous universities...

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Business Climate

Cost of doing business in Cambodia is of growing concern for businesses in the Kingdom.

ASEAN Forum's first issue features an article based on our Foreign Business Leaders Survey 2014. In this study we track foreign business leaders confidence about the future of the Cambodian economy as well as the ease of doing business. 

Mobile Money

January 6, 2015

Making mobile money work for the poor has proven to be one of the great ideas of the early Twenty-First Century.

Embracing mobile money has been a game changing model for the world’s unbanked. It serves as a tool for encouraging financial inclusion, and helps address the challenges of persistent poverty and underdevelopment.


Press Coverage

Our research is making national news.

The Phnom Penh Post and other media outlets are getting excited about our Adolescent Engagement study, commissioned by UNICEF Cambodia. This study highlights not only the "media dark" adolescents, as mentioned in the press, but also shows targeted recommendations of how to connect and engage with Cambodian adolescents age 10-19.
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News Covers Research

Cambodian press taking noticed of our research.

The Phnom Penh Post recently wrote about the youth research we are doing in Cambodia. Please take a moment to read. If interested in learning more about G:LAB, please contact us.

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Youth Research

We are excited to celebrate the printing of our first edition of research into Cambodian Youth behaviour, G:LAB.

As one of the only pure research projects about youth in Cambodia - G:LAB analyzed insights across Youth and Technology, International Influences and Civic Engagement/ Crime topics – providing customized insights into consumer behaviours of youth aged 15-24 years old.

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Media Behavior (KH)

Cambodia's Media Index study is the premier research on the changing media habits in the country.

" consumption habits are changing, for example, internet penetration has increased by 50% from last year whilst TV viewing has decreased..."

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Media Behavior (Laos)

Indochina Research Laos has successfully launched the first media consumption study in the country.

This is the first study of its kind in Laos. The study looks at consumption of new (social media) as well as traditional media. In addition to media the study also includes a section on mobile usage, lifestyle and general demographics. 

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Terms and Conditions

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